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Wellness Center

Welcome to the Wellness Center area of our website!

College Station Texas Chiropractic Clinic 77845

We've included this section of our website to provide you with valuable, practical wellness information which you can incorporate into your lifestyle to improve the quality of your life and the lives of others close to you. All of the doctors are very emphatic about the benefits of incorporating regular exercise into everyone's routine and is a substitute teacher at Innovative Fitness/College Station yoga. Local gyms they refer to are: - great hot yoga and personalized instruction just off Business 6 in Navasota If you can't get out to a gym, lots of variety in time, style and level of ability with great instruction

A great nutritional website with lots of good reference articles is Nutritional Wellness

Other great websites for wellness...... - UCLA's research center for mindfulness and meditation has free downloads for your computer or Iphone,
Great resource for using acupressure points to help you sleep, decrease anxiety. Dr. Hyman knows more about holisitic medicine and nutrition that probably anyone on the planet! His is the only newsletter I subscribe to because it has great info, recipes etc. Go to the 'Articles' link and scroll down until you find the article 'Five Ways to Never Be Stressed Again'! Dr. Cady is an integrative psychiatrist who has a wealth of knowledge! Check this lecture he did for the Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference Sept.2013. Go to his website for more info!

If there is additional information you'd like us to include in the future, please let us know. We endeavor to meet the needs of our patients and our visitors in person and online.


As always, please be sure to share this site with others by sending your family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances our address on the web - we'd love to have them stop by.