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"My first exposure to chiropractic came from my parents who were examples of it's benefits. As a result I have been a patient and employee of this practice for many years. I challenge anyone who has never tried chiropractic to talk to several friends who have. Then add this health care to your arsenal, thus adding quality to your healthy life choices."

Marcia-Front Office

Howdy! I'm Yvonne, Not only have I worked here for three years, but I'm also a patient. I began my chiropractic care in 1999 after a back/neck injury. It has helped me enjoy life again with my three boys. Chiropractic care is a wonderful addition to anyones lifestyle.

Yvonne-Chiropractor Assistant

Hi, i'm Brianne and I have worked at College Station Chiropractic now for 1 year, I first started receiving chiropractic care in 2011 for severe recurring migraines, I am greatful for chiropractic care because I am now able to enjoy a life without debilitating migraines. Chiropractic care is wonderful for all sorts of muscual skeletal issues and has greatly improved my overall well being.

Brianne- Office Manager

Howdy! I am a Senior Kinesiology major at Texas A&M University, graduating in Spring 2022. I am the current President of the TAMU Chiropractic Society and I will be continuing my education and pursuing my love for chiropractic at Parker University, starting in Fall 2022!

Jarrett-Team Lead

Howdy, my name is Emma. I am a junior at TAMU studying Kinesiology. After I graduate I hope to continue to work in holistic care as a midwife. I appreciate chiropractic care because it approaches the body as an integrated system and redirects it toward health.

Emma-Chiropractic Assistant

Howdy! My name is Michael. I am a Kinesiology Major attending Texas A&M University and hope to continue my education in healthcare after I graduate. When it comes to Chiropractic, I am taken away by what it can do. What I believe makes it so unique is that it stands for a holistic and natural form of healing before any medication or surgery.

Michael-Chiropractic Assistant

“Howdy, my name is RaeLynn! I graduated from Texas A&M University where I studied Kinesiology, and I’m interested in working towards the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. I value chiropractic care because it promotes natural healing through a focus on wellness and non-invasive treatment!”

RaeLynn-Chiropractic Assistant